the way to perfect wedding!

This time at the festival:

2 scenes

3 star presenters

4 travel

6 photo zones

7 cover bands

9 master classes

28 artists

79 stands

87 gifts at leg-pull

>3000 cocktails

100 000 for the wedding of the year

It will be 5 times more powerful!

You can get acquainted with the best wedding industry professionals: photographers, photos, florists, decorators, wedding dressmakers, hairdressers, makeup artists, wedding agencies and even restaurants. To view live of their work, ask questions and understand how much it costs. After visiting the exhibition, you can see how it should look like your wedding day and choose those who will implement it in reality.

Call to find out more:
0965765333 or 0937286423

And for dessert: "LVIV WEDDING QUEST"!


If you fell in love, Lviv Wedding Quest - it is an opportunity for you to get the best wedding entertainment and awesome!!! 100 000 UAH On the wedding of the year!

Festival program:


Festival organizers



She is a co-owner at «Mopis», organizer of the biggest festival in Western Ukraine «Lviv Wedding Festival», coach, lecturer course "A wedding coordinator"and effective marketing and a wonderful seller. More recently, she was the bride, and now - she is a happy wife.

Mila Yaroshevich

She is an art director and co-owner at «Mopis», floral designer and coach and lecturer course "A wedding coordinator" and “Wedding floristry”. She is a happy wife and mother and person who creates and inspires.

Olexiy Klishch

He is a co-owner at «Mopis». Olexiy is a wise and practical man. Thanks to him, the best technical decisions are realized. He cares about his family, employees and brides.

Mykola Yaroshevich

He is a co-owner at «Mopis». He is an excellent strategist. Thanks to the director's vision his projects are always grandiose. The feast complete of innovation. He has a charming daughter Polina.


If you are a representative of the wedding industry: photographer, cameraman, decorator, pastry, makeup artist, stylist, wedding agency manager, salon dresses, etc., read the conditions of participation in the festival:



  • Christina Kurylas, the wedding company "Milko".

    Christina Kurylas, the wedding company "Milko".
    We are very pleased that were able to participate in the LWF 2015. We got many emotions and pleasant experiences .We must visit again this extraordinary event!!!

  • Maxym Romanyuk, a presenter

    Maxym Romanyuk, a presenter
    I was one of the presenters on the big stage of this festival for two years. In 2014 the festival was organized for the first time, and it has itself become a remarkable event in Western Ukraine, dozens of participants, thousands of visitors for a few days. Lviv Wedding Festival 2015 waited for all future brides. It had a very serious intent. We saw happy smiles of people who are preparing for the most important celebration and their lives became easier, thanks Lviv Wedding Festival!

  • Olga Barabash, the catering company "The steep tables"

    Olga Barabash, the catering company "The steep tables"
    Last year "The steep tables" for the first time took part in Lviv Wedding Festival. This year we have no question such as yes or no!) Yes, of course!! Thanks to the organizers of this event and their partners, we met with a lot of wedding specialists. We often worked with them during the year. We are convinced that Lviv Wedding Festival 2016 will be even more interesting and richer v, so this year the steep tables will be with you and prepare for you many delicious new products)))

  • Andrew Tukhyy, a cameraman, studio creative 'Euphoria'

    Andrew Tukhyy, a cameraman, studio creative 'Euphoria'
    This year is the third time will participate in the mega-event spring Lviv Wedding Festival, which organize agency "Mopis" In addition to impeccable organization, the atmosphere and the exhibition program are able to communicate with other members, find new partners for cooperation and have a wonderful opportunity to directly acquaint with brides who are our customers. So can certainly say that it is impossible to skip Lviv Wedding Festival.

  • Oleg Bachynskiy, a cameraman

    Oleg Bachynskiy, a cameraman
    The festival we studio" Province "participated for the first time. A large number of potential clients (married couples), and this is important. Those two days seemed saturated. We were lucky with the location - near the bar, so all customers were ours. The expectation exculpated. After the second day of the exhibition the browsing of our website and social networks surged immediately. In 2016 we have already booked a corner booth.

  • Anna Bondar, studio of sweets "Marzipan"

    Anna Bondar, studio of sweets "Marzipan"
    For the first time, when Mopis arranged Lviv wedding festival I also participated in the wedding exhibition at first. Thanks Lviv Wedding festival, I received the first orders for the organization Candy bar to the wedding. Last year, the team Mopis arranged a holiday for the whole wedding industry, the couple can choose the best contractor for the wedding, and I regained new clients. I note that the organization of the exhibition was even better than the previous year, so each year Mopis team tries to outdo itself. I hope that in 2016 Lviv Wedding festival will be at least the same grand and beautiful as in the previous year.

  • Juliana Koptsyuh, Exhibition Complex "South-EXPO"

    Juliana Koptsyuh, Exhibition Complex "South-EXPO"
    Lviv Wedding Festival 2015 - a place of happy people. It can be described as a grand celebration which the weddings agency MOPIS organized the exhibition center "South-EXPO". Emotions, experiences and unreal atmosphere swallowed everyone. Latest trends in the design of weddings and other celebrations, the most creative photo and video production ideas, the brightest proposals for the organization of your wedding exactly - all Lviv Wedding Festival.

  • Yliana Gera, a magazine "Couple"

    Yliana Gera, a magazine "Couple"
    A magazine "Couple" is a media partner of the exhibition, as usually recommend all couples who choose to marry in 2016 to visit the exhibition "Lviv Wedding Festival 2016". This event we are preparing a special issue of useful articles and real weddings from leading wedding experts sphere!

  • Creative confectionery "Polly Cookies"

    Creative confectionery "Polly Cookies
    We thank to organizers Lviv Wedding Festival - the wedding agency "MOPIS" for the professionalism and quality! It is a well-organized, high-quality, entertaining product in the wedding business. We realize that huge work is behind this show and proud that contributed to this great cause.