Wedding Decorations

Preparing for a wedding is usually not easy, because requires careful approach and perfect plan. This includes design of a wedding hall. There are numerous proposals, wedding accessories, more possible colors and shades, the price may be very different.

Wedding Hall Decorations

When you are making the wedding hall, first, you must start from the selected restaurant. You should pay attention to size, planning and total area of the premises; think about that will be used to design a wedding. The various wedding accessories, colors and stylistic decisions are suits to different rooms.
оформлення весільного залу
The colors of the wedding you should choose those that match, to season and looks of the brides. In autumn extremely stylish and harmonious looks «marsala», in winter - white and silver, but the beauty of nature in the spring will add delicate nuances.

Usually the decoration includes:

  • Designing of a table of the brides;
  • Designing of chairs, stairs, ceilings, railings or gates;
  • Designing of Candy Bar and a table for wedding cake;
  • Designing of a table for guests;
  • Designing of buffet table;
  • An installation of the photo zone.

To make the wedding hall is traditionally used flowers, candles, balloons, lights, choosing one thing or combining.

It is important to warn owners about possible changes to the decor of the restaurant: a replacement of tablecloths on the tables for guests on specially stylized, a decoration of entrance, a rental of furniture (the chairs Chiavari), a setting of photo zone.

оформлення весільного залу

How to determine the cost of processing?

To focus on the cost of hall decoration for wedding, you should alone or with decorator, make a list of necessary ornaments. Sometimes you need only to decorate the area of the brides, and sometimes we need to sew a ceiling by a fabric, import tables and chairs and create compositions on the guests’ tables. Of course, the price in both cases will vary considerably. If you know a list of decor and color scheme, it will easier to decide on each individual position. Determine that in the design is key, most important, and what elements of the wedding decorations can be made simpler.

To design the wedding really beautiful, you should not forget about the details. Sophisticated be not only large structures (an arch, a wall near the brides), but also everyone detail. The guests will appreciate when the number plates on the table, a box for money and other wedding accessories are in the same style, interesting and complement the style of holiday.

Let’s your preparation for the wedding will not cause you much trouble, and bring only good and funny memories!

With love, the team «Mopis»