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When you meet a person who you are ready to go all your life with, your breath is taken away, the heart beats more frequently and wants to shout to the whole world "I love"! Then you tackle a dozen jobs at once, sitting in front of the computer on the Internet, and making the lists, which cannot be reduced, thus you are getting angry... but you don’t give up. If you want the preparation to the best day (event) in your life to be interesting, but not stressful, if you are interested in precious memories, not filthy mood, you should enjoy the best wedding service of the 21st century.
A wedding coordinator – is a person you need. A professional, who will not leave you without a wise piece of advice anticipate most of the details and help in any situation. When you are planning your celebration with the wedding coordinator, be sure, she will share all your feelings , since she realises all responsibility for the quality of services which you had ordered. Every minute, which will be planned by both of you together, is going to be filled withhighlights, and these are the main for lovers in their wedding.

A wedding coordinator will be your reliable friend who you can undoubtedly entrust with fulfilling your dream!

You should order a wedding coordinator in order to:


Stay calm that everything is going on you want.


Be sure that your priorities are shared and in any case, your idea and vision of your wedding are the main.


Enjoydelicious food, keep the groom's hand and see that each "element" of celebration is coordinated and managed.


Be able to feeladmiring guests’ glances; accept gratitude and praise, and other pleasures.


To make your wedding a great celebration for yourparents and close friends, because only such celebration where they are actually welcomed as dear guests, they will remember with a smile and a sense of gratitude.


Get the best professional advice and plan your wedding day perfectly, including: foreseeing all possible technical problems and difficulties and taking care of their solution in advance.

The wedding - is not just a significant event, which you invest a huge amount of efforts and money in.
It is a day of your dream.
The day when you allow your relatives and friends to look through the curtains of your soul, allow them to see and feel something different, something special. It inspires and frightens simultaneously... but let all your fears dispel, because you are not alone.
Neither something can hinder to the strong love nor stress, organizational nuances and force majeure can become an obstacle to the wedding coordinator. She will plan your wedding perfectly, in any case, it is her vocation.

Stages of wedding coordinator’s work

Before the wedding:


To call all contractors.

  • Emphasize to call exceptionally coordinator if necessary!!!

  • Reach an agreement with the contractors’ dress code

  • • Send a plan and scheme of placing the tables and seats to a restaurant administrator.

  • Agree on arrival time, address and location.

  • Approve the payment amount including transport costs.

  • Coordinate the number of staff and where the personnel’s table will be laid.


To make the timing of the wedding day. Send it out:


A videographer


A ceremony presenter


A photographer


The musicians


A wedding presenter


A restaurant administrator


To pack a coordinator’s box.


Get the envelopes for paying contractors.


Reach an agreement with decorators on the details of the order, arrival time at the restaurant and what time they must remove the decorations at.


Check if a song for the first dance is prepared (recorded).


Collect all the wedding attributes with the mark of the delivery place and time.

On the wedding day:


Control of timely arrival of contractors at destination.


To control the delivery of wedding morning floristry (bride's bouquet, boutonnieres, wreaths, car decorations etc.).


Control of carrying out the tables placing, taking into account a seating plan.


To control a timely process of decorating a banquet hall and outside ceremony.


To prepare necessary attributes and details for outside ceremony / gifts-giving and wedding itself.


To provide with timely technical connection of equipment, lighting and synchronizing the wedding ceremony etc.


To organize suitable storage of flowers, gifts and a box with money


To place seating cards and bonbonnieres.


To control following the timing.


To meet and usher the guests (pay special attention to the elderly people!).


To control the consumption of alcoholic drinks and serving the dishes.


To control purity in the restaurant and WC.


To help guests with social issues (e.g. to call a taxi, etc.).


To pay the contractors after their performance/work.


To solve force majeure.


To pack all bride’s belongings.

After the wedding:

starControl of timely dismantling of scenery
For ordering a wedding coordinator for your celebration.

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