Wedding bouquets

A wedding day became a symbol of girls' dreams and parental expectations. Every girl dreams of a perfect image - the image of unsurpassed beauty, which to the smallest detail is thought and dreamed. A special dress, hairstyle and makeup ... It's what dreams each girl. But for the perfection of the image lacks one important detail - a bouquet.

Nowadays, the choice of colors has grown considerably. There are many colors and shapes of wedding bouquets. In all the variety of beauty is not always easy to find your - the special and the best. Bouquet can perfectly suited to the style of dress and image of the bride, emphasize the color of her eyes and posture, provoke admiring glances and smiles in the happy wedding day.

How to combine dreams of brides wedding bouquet with the overall style and design of wedding? The florists of «Mopis» had told about it:

In «Mopis» we especially love what we do, we love life, and we love flowers and love our brides. With vast experience in the creation of bouquets, we know how important that every detail was perfect. A wedding bouquet is a special accessory. His tasks successfully unite with the image, the silhouette of dresses, figure, skin tone, eyes and, moreover, remain invisible and do not interfere. Flowers that the bride chooses have to combine with a bouquet of flowers that will be used in the total, but the bride's bouquet can be distinguished if this requires. If the dress is lush with surround pattern you should choose soft bouquet without any extra accessories. A restrained dress would be perfectly joined with extravagant bouquet. The groom's boutonniere should duplicate with the colors which are available in bouquet. It has to become a minimalist and miniature copy.

In the wedding floristic all are important. There are a style, color, season, banquet venue, ceremony and photo shoots. In speaking to the florist you have to describe everything in detail; it will help create a perfect harmonious wedding. If you order all wedding services with all items, your wedding will have a good mood. Even the smallest details will be in the same color scheme.

The most common wedding bouquets in season 2016 are in the following forms:

  • - A classic bouquet on their stems. It fits for the most of the dresses and images.
  • - Slightly modified in shape to a bouquet of randomly-correct shape to highlight its freshness and naturalness. It passes to dresses of various lengths and shapes.

A bouquet that resembles a blooming waterfall the best suits for wedding dresses with long train. These wedding bouquets for the bride made using flowers on long stems.

A bouquet in the form of balls is an interesting alternative to the usual round bouquets. Its name fully corresponds to its appearance: to the correct form of flower balls attached string or ribbon. This unusual playful beautiful wedding bouquet joined with a short wedding dress.

For brides who love do the surprise is a perfect bouquet glameliya - really fantastic and exclusive flower with a diameter of over 20 cm collected from individual petals of roses or lilies are sure to impress your guests.

A price of a bridal bouquet ranges between $ 100 and depends on the seasonal flowers and volume and a complexity of work of a florist. It is necessary that the flowers were stable and did not cause the allergic reactions.

When you are choosing a florist you should carefully review his portfolio and together form a perfect bouquet. If you trusted for professionals, you would not have to worry about the freshness of flowers and bouquet as a whole. You should book a bride’s bouquet in a reliable place.

... Or you can trust «Mopis»!

In «Mopis» we are able to listen and hear you. Together with the bride find the perfect representation of a bouquet, and we will make it perfectly. You can relax, because we will relieve you from any worries.

Mopis, because we love you!

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