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Organization of weddings turnkey

In «Mopis» we know how Your dreams look. We are happy to transform the world of feelings and inspiration into a love story Organization of weddings - a matter that should be handled by professionals. 
Ordering the turnkey wedding, you get a perfectly planned, prepared and conducted celebration.
Let this day will be the best, when you vow forever!
For you the best wedding services and organization of weddings turnkey.

Comprehensive (Full) wedding planning includes:

Restaurant selection and the regulation of matters related to it.

Help in the selection of contractors (photos, videos, announcer, etc.) to coordinate their work in the wedding day.

The organization of the wedding and solemn receipt.

The organization of the first dance and entertainment.

Making phone calls to guests to refine their presence before the wedding and explaining how to get to their destination. Making the message, if you have any questions, you can call your coordinator.

The making of the wedding plan and his organization.

Making of the wedding style (an invitation, design, floristry, the scenery, accessories).

The coordination of the wedding day.

Meeting guests.

Solution to all questions and contingencies in the wedding day to have you enjoyed the holiday.

організація весілля у Львові

весілля під ключ

організація весілля

Ordering the turnkey wedding, you get a personal wedding coordinator, who will be available 24 hours a day. A wedding coordinator will be controlling all moments during the wedding day. 2-3 coordinators work at the wedding.

The turnkey wedding package includes:

1. The expert advice  during the wedding preparation.

2. Choosing the right contractor.

3. Not only one person but the large team  of professionals.

4. Guarantees, that every employee works on 200%.

5. Regulation of all matters relating to the banquet hall: extra payment, parking, fines, rent, corkage fee, ordering etc. You will be warned about it and don’t pay extra money.

6. Help with preparation of banquet menus in order to have enough dishes. We will make a menu the most balanced and logical.

7. Creating the scheme of placing  and zoning the wedding.

8. Coordination of all contractors and administrator of the restaurant.

9. Selecting the right location for photo and video (Plan A and Plan B).

10. Writing the script and timing for the wedding day.

11. Implementation control for riders of each contractor (drinks, extra tables, dressing room etc.).

12. Formation of entertainment programme.

13. Organization of dance performances and special effects.

14. Registry Office – assistance with all matters related to it.

15. Help in choosing church.

16. The control of some tiny details according to our questionnaires and surveys arranged by coordinators.

17. Sticking to the wedding budget and recommendations on saving money.

18. Creation of your own style and concept of marriage.

19. We create a magical atmosphere, with help of special moments at the wedding.

20. We can organize stag and hen parties.

21. Creating a wedding decor and floral design.

22. Organization of outdoor ceremony.

23. Help in shaping of buffet receptions – tips and calculation of gms.

24. Consulting about creation the brides’ and bridemaids/best men images (style).

25. Arrangement of transport, control whether it is clear inside and its arrival on time.

26. Organization of redemption.

27. Packing things needed for redemption, church and ceremony.

28. Coordination between the contractors.

29. Control whether the restaurant is prepared for guests' arrival.

30. Control of gsm serving dishes and consumption of alcohol.

31. Controlling the number of drinks (tea/coffee).

32. Regulation of additional orders.

33. Control of serving dishes at the banquet.

34. Meeting and ushering contractorsat the wedding./span>

35. Drafting of a logistics of wedding.

36. Preparation of all necessary things at each stage of the wedding day (ceremony, dance, cake removal, etc.).

37. Paying contractors for their services.

38. Availability of coordinator case.

39. Greeting, ushering and placing the guests.

40. Prompt resolution of force majeure that may happen.

41. An excursion into wedding customs and keeping those which you are going to choose.

42. Packaging the most important things at the end of the wedding.

43. Control of getting your photo and video proofs back after the wedding on time.

організація весілля

організація весілля у Львові

організація весілля у Львові

Note: The cost of all wedding services is identical: whether you order something by yourself,

or with our help. Sometimes, we are able to order certain goods with pleasant bonuses.

The cost of the wedding organization: 800$

In preparing the perfect wedding, we remember about your innermost dreams.
Therefore, different
GIFTS will be waiting for you at every stage of the wedding organization!!!

  • - Bride’s breakfast - special breakfast with the team “Mopis”
  • - Flash card with the best movies about weddings
  • - Stylish cake for bachelorette party
  • - Organization of rehearsal dinner before the wedding
  • - Coffee with marshmallows from «iCoffee Na-Bar»

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