Outdoor night wedding ceremonies

Do this by candlelight!

3 options of an outdoor night wedding ceremonies

Wedding ceremony in the moonlight and twinkling candles - the dream of an increasing number of brides. How to combine an evening event with a common scenario wedding? A presenter of wedding ceremonies Christina Pankiv tells us about this.

An outdoor night wedding ceremonies - it's always very nice and mysteriously. You can take some beautiful photos. You can create a magic atmosphere. How it is to merge with your wedding? I offer several options for an outdoor night wedding ceremonies.

Spectacular show - surprise for guests

To conduct a wedding ceremony midst of the holiday, or on its completion - one of the latest fashion trends. The brides will not need to put a signature and exchange rings, because it is not so much a rite of marriage as a mysterious wedding event. Beautiful décor, light and moving music, the story of your love, promise would be said now in the status of husband and wife. Your dreams would be soaring into the sky with magical Japanese lanterns. It would be perfectly matched and the first dance and cutting the cake wedding and traditional transfer a family hearth in this ceremony. Believe me; such as "number" in your wedding entertainment program will not leave anyone indifferent. It is known - is best remembered for the beginning and end of any action. So leaving night celebration for dessert, be sure - guests enjoy go out from your wedding in an exciting, romantic mood.

A romantic feast “Only for close people”

You can do a ceremony in overnight, having invited only close people in order to unload the wedding day. The first shadows can add a special charm and finish this buffet reception by candlelight.

Evening ceremony

This wedding outside ceremony also held in a single day. It will suit you if you want on your feast to relax in full only with close friends, without 200 relatives. Witty jokes in the text of the presenter and with your vows, sparklers in the hands of your , fire-show fit into the script of your wedding. Also, the party after the wedding ritual will be exciting.

Be brave in your dreams. Let your evening ceremony is shining by its love!

A presenter of the wedding ceremonies
Christina Pankiv