My perfect love


The tabloid headlines or replicable bestsellers don't write about the brides Andrew and Iryna because it's - especially fiction… Their love like poetry. Pictures about Andrew and Iryna cannot be found in the ranks of street graffiti or in the market. Paintings which symbolize their love are keeping in the best museums of the most respected houses.Their relatives and friends proud of the brides, the couple whose love is consonant with the adjective "perfect". It was enjoy organizing their wedding. All that surrounded couple; it was as if the framing of their tender feelings. Andrew is a courageous and brave man; Irynka is a soft and creative woman. Their tandem is a strong young family and everyone will be proud of familiarity. Мeet the brides’ parents were unforgettable for our team because they have a friendly atmosphere. Andriy and Iryna, be happy, keep that tenderness and care which you are surrounded, and keep your families. We love you very much!