"To trust - means to love"


Trust - the highest measure of love. When I started working in the field of wedding, the word "trust" began to be used more often. And there is a couple which struck me to the core. They trust on 300%. Is that the case? Apparently, it is true. Halyna is calm, gentle and charming. Work with her- a pleasure, because she trusted me in the same way. It's such a responsibility.... And I'm happy that she likes. Romantic style in two stages: a romantic evening, receipt and sweet wedding day seemed to successfully. Vitaliy hugs his princess, and it seemed that the world stopped at that moment and after that we wanted to create. The brides also participated in the feast - delicious homemade jams to please every guest. The feast will be remembered for a lifetime. Someone said that trust - the largest measure of love. I have nothing to add. When you feel this trust at the wedding Vitaliy and Galya, it certainly we will start create beauty. You should trust to your love, and you will never regret it!