Artist's Wedding


Incredible love united a couple of dreamers. This couple is Kate and Bogdan. They are creative, courageous and sensible. Extremely deep couple, who can be trusted, and gets great pleasure from every moment of living with each other. We met with these crazy brides at the "Lviv Wedding Festival", it was impossible not to love them! Preparations consisted like a puzzle in the hands of a young genius, because it easily to change well on the best. The wedding in an ancient carpathian church is good symbolism for the iconographer. The ceremony at the art style, the floral hall, it's just a frame that adorn this holiday). The best team created this celebration. The coordinators of «Mopis» are the girls-fairies. A team of professionals provide photo and video, Wedding Brothers; they give you the best your memories. An announcer is Maxim Didenko, a showman of the best mood. Barman show - "Nabar", sweet pastry from Polly Cookies, show-ballet "Las Chicas" and a lot of things that made this day the best. Thanks Katya and Bodya for the trust, the love that united not only them, but also us. Mopis within Lviv Wedding Quest. We love you!