Their love - it's indescribable tenderness. It's elusive touch can be seen everywhere: in every detail and every moment. All that surrounds Andriy and Nastya are filled with special feelings and emotions. A thorough approach to detail made this wedding special. Plunging into the depths of the most interesting fonts, subtle shades and beautiful sounds, we created a story, which has not happen yet ... The most beautiful moment where dreams comes true. It was really true! The support of their family and friends who try to contribute their dreams and aspirations was very important. The celebration, which joined the hearts of many, has got a success! Star guests (there were many), the group Tick, Pavlo Tabakov, the band Orpheus, Madryn Ballet, Orchestra Vito added exceptional rejoicing! The guests received video greetings of the parents and gratitude of brides was a main emotion. The theme of the wedding became the family tree, which will be remembered for a long time and will leave fond memories. Family tree wedding - is the story of a family tree.