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Wedding agency Mopis – is not just wedding planners and coordinators, it is a big friendly family with an interesting history, original traditions and innovative approach.

We are different and this is our strength.

We are those who will become your best friends and supporters in the creation of your dream and the best rejoicing of all time. Our wedding agency understands the importance and value of every moment, every last detail of your wedding, because we are professionals in our field. Our aim is couple's peace and confidence.

The wedding studio Mopis where the most spirited wishes are supported and fulfilled, a place where love is not unlimited.


We love our job and we are doing it well


She is a co-owner at «Mopis», organizer of the biggest festival in Western Ukraine «Lviv Wedding Festival», coach, lecturer of the course "A Wedding Coordinator", an effective marketer and a wonderful seller (vendor). Recently she has been a bride, but now - she is a happy wife.

Mila Yaroshevich

She is an art director and co-owner at «Mopis», floral designer, coach and lecturer of the course "A Wedding Coordinator" and “Wedding Floristry”. She is a happy wife and mother. Also she is a person who creates and inspires.

Anastasia Frolova

Anastasia is a creative and friendly girl who is keen on her job. She is an author of many projects and presentations. She is a genius at “draperies” and Christmas decorations as well.

Mykola Yaroshevich

He is a co-owner at «Mopis». He is an excellent strategist. Thanks to the director's vision his projects are always grandiose. Every feast is complete of innovation. He has got a charming daughter Polina.

Lida Ivashchyshyn

A wedding planner and coordinator. Lida is a very responsible person. Each stage in the preparation of the feast is clear and orderly. As a result, the couple, guests and contractors are happy.

Mariana Kaday

Marianа is a sensitive, sincere, friendly and responsible person. She is the best at the organization of romantic dates, proposals and anniversaries.

Veronica Dyakovych

Veronica loves working with flowers. She is a very pretty, emotional, high-spirited and assured person. Veronica is someone who you can rely 205% on.

Olya Kovalisko

She is a graphic designer. She is a tender, sentimental and soulful person. Olya puts a piece of herself in every wedding.

Olexiy Klishch

He is a co-owner at «Mopis». Olexiy is a wise and practical man. Thanks to him, the best technical decisions are fulfilled. He takes care of his family, employees and brides.


reasons why you should trust us - Wedding agency «MOPIS»

  1. 1

    We know about today's dynamic world and want to help you prepare the most important event in your life. It's your wedding. In this way, you can follow your schedule.

  2. 2

    We want the process of preparation become an exciting. Wedding planners who will work with you are expected to be the best and most experimental.

  3. 3

    We prevent you from routine and stressful moments of preparing to the wedding, providing you with calm from the very beginning to the end.

  4. 4

    We will ponder over the smallest details and make the holiday special, because the style, concept and script will be developed specially for you.

  5. 5

    We dream of the perfect service and we embody it in a life - Your personal wedding coordinator will be available 24 hours a day.


We are working. What can be more interesting?


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